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About our Materials

  • Every tiled conservatory roof built or upgraded by JG Poly Renovations is bespoke fabricated to the exact size and specification for your roof design.
  • There is a wide choice of roof styles and a good choice of tile and slate colours.
  • Each task/installation and plastering requires a different amount of time to install.
  • Installation is normally quick but detailed in order to transform your old conservatory.
  • There is minimal disruption for you to regain maximum use again all year round.


Our fibreglass resin tile roofing system is a lightweight and natural looking long-lasting weather resistant system with a 30 year expected lifespan. This option makes a beautiful companion to any roof, especially for a glass conservatory extension.

If your room is naturally bright the Timber finish could be a natural choice for your conservatory's ceiling, depending on the design and layout of your home this finish could also allow you to tie in aesthetically with existing timber finishes. The timber finish on the Fakro window also works really well in this case.

Another popular internal ceiling finish on most installations is the painted platerboard option, this has a nice bright finish allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible. This finish would be the ideal solution in the case of a conservatory replacement roof when replacing a glass or polycarbonate roof if you are.