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JG Poly Renovations - Specialists in Conservatory Roofing


JG Poly Renovations specialise in conservatory roofing.

We install lightweight roofing, fully insulated internal conservatory ceilings and pvcu fascias,soffits and guttering 

Our tiled conservatory roof replacement service upgrades from the inefficient standard polycarbonate roof to a more lightweight, tiled or slated conservatory roof.

we can also upgrade your conservatory ceiling fully insulated for a fraction of the cost of a complete conversion  


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Why Convert?

Why Choose A Tiled Roof Conservatory?

  • When you choose a conservatory with tiled roof, you will transform an underused space into a cosy extension to your home.

  • It's an easy way to revitalise tired conservatories, specifically designed as a hassle free way for you to change your conservatory roof to a tiled roof. It’s the perfect alternative to rebuilding your extension.

  • No compromise on natural light.

  • All Our roofs can be fitted with roof lights to maintain the bright and airy feel of traditional glazed conservatory roofs.

  • Save on expensive replacement extension build costs – our system has been designed to fit simply and easily onto existing conservatories.

  • The advanced, fully insulated system means you don’t have to constantly heat your conservatory – saving on heating bills.

  • Effective weather protection – reduced glare from the sun or noise from the rain.

  • Our roof tiling is suitable for installation on new conservatories as well as existing ones.

  • A tiled conservatory roof conversion gives you a room that can be used all year round at a fraction of the cost.


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JG Poly Renovations update conservatory roofs.  We install new lightweight enviro tile slate Conservatory Roofing.

Lightweight Supporting Framework:
We can install a bespoke supporting structure, from wood, or aluminium. 

If you decide to have a new conservatory roof for your home, we will ensure that it will be of the highest quality and fit your exact specifications.

Over time, your conservatory's roof can become worn and weathered. JG Poly Renovations are experts at assessing and solving problems with this specific kind of roofing systems. Cracks, leaks and missing tiles are just some of the things that we repair every day. No matter what might be wrong with your roof, we'll almost certainly have the answer.

In addition to our repair service, we can fully upgrade a glass or plastic conservatory roof into one that fits more modern standards of value and energy efficiency. JG Poly Renovations are experts in tiled roofs for home conservatories. You will find that sometimes, even if the roof is in good condition, that the benefits of using a tiled roof outweigh the benefits of continuing to maintain an older system. When that happens, we will be on hand to guide you through the journey to having a better, sturdier roof for your home extension.

Brings the conservatory into use at any time of the year.  Conservatories are renown for being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. However, by changing the roofing system this can bring the conservatory into a usable room anytime of the year.  A lightweight tiled roof will keep the conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


High Standard U-Value:
SupaLite materials gives a high  u-value of 0.18 that meets total building regulations.

Choice of Tile: 
All tiles have been tried for long lasting properties. Tested for years and in the most extreme weather conditions.


A good choice, to match, (or contrast) with your home.

We use Tapco Slate Lightweight Tiled Roof Systems.

Tapco Slate is shaped with a textured surface to assimilate natural slate.  As it is a manufactured product it is formulated to prevent cracks and breaks that are subject to normal slate. 

Tapco Slate is extremely durable and will last for many years.  It is a lightweight product and easily adaptable making installation costs lower.  There is a choice of colours to choose from.  Tapco products carry a 40 year warranty.

Tapco slates look neat and tidy and pleasing to the eye.  The variety of colours available can match the existing roof of your property.

Tapco Manufacturers guarantee of 40 years


Unbelievable U Values

Lightweight Structure

Wide Range of Colours and Styles

Insurance Guarantee

Our tiled conservatory roof is bespoke fabricated to the exact size and specification for your roof design.
There is a wide choice of roof styles and a good choice of tile and slate colours.
Each task/installation and plastering requires a different amount of time to install.
Installation is normally quick but detailed in order to transform your old conservatory.
There is minimal disruption for you to regain maximum use again all year round.